Turning Sage Green

We are making important changes at Bodyrest spa that are more eco-friendly. This has been slow process but we’ve made small changes that, in the long run, will help the environment. For example, we don’t offer bottled water in the spa. We have filtered water in a closed container that stays fresh and nutritious. The water is scented with Pure Inventions anti-oxidant drops that give it flavor and are packed with vital nutrients. Pure Inventions drops are delicious tasting, have no calories, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or alcohol and are gluten- free.

Pure Inventions Hydration Drops

Pure Inventions Hydration Drops

We’ve decided to enlist the help of an environmentally conscious cleaning service known as Clenz Cleaning. They produce ‘Clenz’, a revolutionary cleaning product which is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner that is safe for the environment. The product is unscented and does not interfere with the aromatic oils wafting through the spa.

We gather all plastic bottles and containers used in the spa and take them to be recycled. We’ve assigned receptacles that allow the staff to separate trash from items that can be reused. 

Finally, we’ve added an organic skin care line so we can offer holistic facial services to our clients. Without the preservatives or harsh chemicals, our clients will have the option to continue their skin care regimen with healthier ingredients.

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