The Spa and Wellness Show in New York 2013.

Welcome to the world of spa! Visit these links if you are thinking about entering an industry devoted to healing and personal care. There are so many avenues where you can put your skills as a massage therapist, esthetician or spa manager to good use. In fact, Philadelphia is not known for its spas. But we would like it to be!

As Body Restoration Spa grows, we are always looking for terrific talent. We are willing to mold newcomers into successful spa therapists with rewarding careers. It’s actually more beneficial to interview spa therapists who are just out of school who have a lot of passion and energy for the field.

Spend some time on this web site and you will see that we offer all of the tools you will need to be successful in the spa industry. We have information to help the guest become acquainted with our services. We have bikini diagrams to help the guest decide which one is best for them. It can also help you, the esthetician, become more familiar with the spa's menu by seeing exactly how much hair is removed in each bikini wax option.

There are Client Profiles or in-take forms available for the guest to complete and jump start their spa visit. You, as the spa therapist, can view them as well so you can better assess the guest's health history before performing the treatment.

We even offer guided imagery so the guest has realistic expectations on how their visit will go while they are here. It also gives you, the spa therapist, a sneak peek into the protocols of each spa treatment. These are tools and information you can examine before sending your resume. It familiarizes you with how this spa runs and may even entice you to book an appointment yourself.


Where can I learn massage therapy?

Become licensed as a Massage Therapist. Great hands will generate repeat business in the massage industry. Promote relaxation, circulation, clearer thinking, stress reduction, pain relief, and a general feeling of wellness to clients who seek alternative care.

If you want to be taken seriously in the massage therapy industry, you will need to have graduated from an accredited massage therapy school. Licensing in massage therapy was passed in 2009 which was a major development in the massage profession for Pennsylvania. It protects you, the massage therapist, and also the consumer who is looking to be cared for in a safe environment.

Choose a massage school that is known for instructing massage therapy. (There are schools that teach massage therapy and several vocational skills all under one roof.) If you enroll at a massage therapy school because it's the cheapest in terms of tuition costs, it will show in the routine you've been taught and how you present in the audition. Be selective.

Here are some suggestions for massage therapy schools in the surrounding Philadelphia area that will point you in the right direction.

Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences


Where can I learn skin care and waxing?

Become licensed in skin care as an Esthetician. Give facials, shape eye brows, perform body treatments, wax unwanted hair...the list is almost endless. Learn the basics of skin care and find your place in the business of beauty and wellness. The spa industry is ever changing and growing at leaps and bounds.

In Pennsylvania, the requirement to become a licensed esthetician is just 300 hours of education. The cosmetology schools are known for teaching the student only what she needs to know in order to pass the state exam. Your education shouldn't stop once you've received your esthetics license. In fact, we interview candidates who are nowhere near ready to perform facials and waxing with 300 hours of training. In New York, for example, an esthetician needs 1200 hours of training before she can sit for the exam.

In the Philadelphia area, many estheticians find themselves taking post graduate classes at the International Dermal Institute in King of Prussia, PA.

If you would rather study esthetics in a state like New York, more power to you. If you prefer to work as an esthetician in Philadelphia, you will need to come back to Pennsylvania and pass the state exam in order to practice esthetics in this state.

For starters, here are some suggestions where you can learn esthetics (facials, waxing, body treatments) in the area.

In Pennsylvania:
Lansdale School of Cosmetology

In New York:
Atelier Esthetique

In New Jersey:
Rizzieri Aveda School


Human mannequins at the Int'l Beauty Show 2014. They fooled us.

The Spa Therapist's Playground

Going to spa and beauty trade shows is a great way to get exposure even if you are only entertaining the idea of entering the business.

  • You'll get introduced to different skin care lines made available to estheticians and spas.
  • Meet new vendors who provide equipment and supplies to estheticians, massage therapists, and spas.
  • Watch demonstrations on how to perform facials, waxing, massage, and body treatments.
  • Chat with new contacts you've met at the show.
  • Listen to industry leaders on how to start your practice, ace an interview, or give insight on growing your business.

Here is a list of spa, beauty and wellness trade shows worth attending.

International Congress of Esthetics and Spa

American Massage Conference

International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference


Trade Journals

It can't hurt to do some 'homework' on the subject of massage therapy, skin care, or owning and operating a solo practice or day spa.

Most of these publications are in the process of going digital but you can still visit these sites or subscribe to find interesting articles and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Day Spa Magazine

American Spa Magazine

Massage Magazine

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa