Philadelphia Bikini Wax Tips for Summer

Philadelphia bikini waxSummer is in full swing, and that means weekends by the pool and days at the beach.

It also means you may be asking yourself “Is it time to for a Philadelphia bikini wax?” If so, Body Restoration wants to help. The website Bustle offers these summer waxing tips.

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Why We Don’t “Double Dip” During Waxing

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As anyone who’s watched Seinfeld can tell you, double-dipping is bad etiquette.

It’s true at a social gathering, and it’s true when you’re getting a bikini wax.

If you’re searching for a bargain-priced Brazilian bikini wax, keep in mind that a place can’t possibly have hundreds of sticks at their disposal. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to make enough money to stay open.

The waxing at Body Restoration spa is priced accordingly so that you always have a clean and efficient waxing experience. We never double-dip our wax sticks, so the wax itself is never compromised. You’ll never receive a wax where the wax has been double-dipped with the same stick after touching someone’s skin and hair.

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Why Do We Use Two Different Waxes?

Ever wonder why we not only use the Blue Wax (hard wax) which hardens and is removed by hand, but also a soft wax that relies on strips to remove it? The Blue Wax is formulated for coarse hair. It grabs thicker hair better than the soft wax, and it is reserved for areas where there is coarse hair like the bikini line on the under arms. It can also be used on the chin and on the upper lip especially in the corners of the mouth where hairs can be short and difficult to remove.

The soft wax is reserved for larger areas of the body like waxing a man’s back, or full legs or full arms. It is applied in a thin coat and a non-woven strip is placed over it to remove it. It is formulated for fine hair or thinner hairs that the Blue Wax will not grab. The soft wax adheres better to fine hairs that need something stickier to remove them.

If you’ve had Brazilian waxes and the hair on the bikini line has become so fine that the Blue Wax will not grab some of them, we can switch and use the soft wax on the area. We would attempt the whole area with the Blue Wax and then follow up with soft wax if needed. It saves a lot of time that would be spent tweezing if the hairs had thinned out so much that the Blue Wax wasn’t removing them. Using the soft wax for follow-up pulls will not hurt at this point in the service because 95% of the hair is gone. We are just making one more pull with a stickier wax to grab those last few hairs.

Contemplating a Back Wax?

Follow these Prep Steps and a back wax shouldn’t be that bad.

If you’ve had someone shave your back for you, please let it grow at least two to three weeks prior to your back wax appointment.

Avoid caffeine before your wax visit.

If you are taking an oral acne medication prescribed by the dermatologist, you cannot be waxed at all.

It is strongly recommended that you refrain from shaving your back going forward. Shaving toughens the hair making the wax more painful. The goal is to only wax the back so it will soften the hair and allow the hair growth to become sparser.

Please let us know if you’ve had a back wax before and whether or not you had any issues, i.e. break-outs on the back. This will allow us to determine which after products we will use to treat your back once the service is completed.

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Why is the Blue Wax Hard to Find?

We waxed a client recently who had just visited Body Restoration Spa for the first time. She moved to Philadelphia seven years ago. She loved the Blue Wax and her wax tech in the city where she had previously lived used the Blue Wax. Brazilian waxes were never that painful for her until she moved to Philadelphia. She admitted that she had not consulted any online review sites as to where to get a Brazilian wax. She hopped from wax salon to wax salon enduring strip wax and had always inquired about the Blue Wax when speaking with her wax tech. She was told time and time again that “…the Blue Wax is horrible; it breaks the hairs at the surface and causes ingrown hairs.” However, all of these drawbacks seemed to be the result of strip wax, not the Blue. She realized she had taken the Blue Wax for granted and figured it was used everywhere prior to relocating to Philadelphia.

Upon meeting her at our Philadelphia day spa, she spoke of missed hairs, and how she listened to the frustration of each wax tech telling her that her hairs are not coming up because they are too coarse or too deeply rooted. In fact, there were coarse hairs and there were nubby hairs that were too short. There were also very light hairs that were very difficult to see. I explained that sometimes Brazilian waxing is a process. It may take a few visits until the area is resurfaced to a smooth feeling. I also informed her not to shave and to observe all of the protocols on our web site so that her wax visit is as tolerable as possible.

The results were much more positive this time around using the Blue Wax. It seemed like a standard Brazilian Wax with a few extra re-applications here and there capturing hard-to-see blonde, coarse hairs that every wax tech she visited had missed. I showed her each piece of Blue that I had peeled and they were loaded with papillae (the white bulbs) of the hairs that were pulled from the root. There was barely any redness and she told me it was so much less painful that what she had been experiencing for the last seven years.

The moral to the story: If someone tells you the Blue Wax isn’t a good product, they either haven’t mastered the use of it or they received a Brazilian wax from someone who hadn’t mastered the use of it. The Blue Wax is expensive to carry and takes time to learn – more time to learn than soft wax because you need to learn how to build the peel-able edge. There are also the drying times for each piece once it has been applied to the skin.

Some wax techs will complain that using the Blue Wax takes too long and they will comment that they can service twice the amount of people a day if they just use the soft wax. This may be true for them but there will be nothing remarkable about the waxes they are giving. A “wham-bam-thank you-ma’am” wax only feels good to the person doing it, not the person receiving it. You’re making lots of money but the person getting up from the wax table may look elsewhere if a) each pull was rushed, b) she feels sticky and raw after it, c) she proceeds to walk home with clothing fibers caked to her bikini area, d) it grows in weird or patchy or twisted or springy, e) or there are missed hairs.