Facials That Provide Sinus Relief

A facial is meant to clean and freshen the skin. We recommend a facial therapy once a season. After a customize deep cleansing that features not only a cleanser but also a cleansing oil designed for your skin type and an herbal toner as well, we steam the skin to open the pores. This makes for easier pore cleaning or an ’emptying of the pores of dirt and debris.’ Then comes the massage on the face neck and décolleté. Pressure point face massage is a great way to disperse tension in the facial muscles and free congestion in the sinuses. The facial feels ‘less fluffy’ and more of an antidote to combating allergies. The pressure points that are treated are on the forehead, cheeks and chin. They are derived from the Ohashi method of Shiatsu. Cosmetology and medicine used to be combined in the old world of grooming and health. Then things began to separate over the centuries with medicine becoming a whole other realm and beauty becoming a profession all its own. However, holistically speaking, both are starting to complement one another in terms of stress reduction and health maintenance.