Healthy skin starts with a daily skin care regimen.

Why a facial in Philadelphia? For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary - for better health. Skin is a living part of your body (your largest organ, in fact) that defends against environmental assaults and extreme temperatures. It helps eliminate toxins from the body. It heals from cuts, abrasions and scratches. It’s continually renewing and protecting.

A facial can smooth the skin's surface, soften pores while removing dirt and debris, replenish with vitamins and botanicals and hydrate and protect. We can suggest product recommendations for home care that will continue to deliver results-oriented skin treatments. Home maintenance is essential to prolong the results of your facial between spa visits.

Facials are offered in 60 minute and 75 minute increments.



Example of prices shown:

Monday through Friday: 60 min $90 | 75 min $105**

Saturday and Sunday: 60 min $100 | 75 min $115**

(This is a Weekend Rate with prime appointment slots. There is an extra $10 applied for a weekend appointment.)

Series of six 60-min Facials: $444*
*paid in advance

Series of three 60-min Facials: $222*
*paid in advance

**The 75 minute facial is ideal for acneic or problematic skin that may require more time spent on extractions (pore cleaning).

NOTE: Please remove contact lenses or bring your case with you so you can remove them when you arrive for your facial appointment. 

skin care

Skin Care

We use a skin care line that is aromatherapy-based, natural, and paraben-free. It is a comprehensive professional skin care line that leaves the skin balanced and smooth. Starting with hydrophilic oils and herbal extracts, the advanced cleansing systems are complemented by creams, masks, serums, sun protection, and synergy blend essential oils. This unique method of cleansing with oils also eliminates the need for astringents or toners.

You will see and feel a profound difference in your skin from these highly effective products.

Facial Enhancements

Add Warm Stones into your Restoration Facial treatment in Philadelphia: Recharge when heated basalt stones and chilled marble stones are used on the face to promote warmth and stimulation as well as to tone the facial muscles.

Monday through Friday: 60 minutes $100 | 75 minutes $115

Saturday and Sunday: 60 minutes $110 | 75 minutes $125

NOTE: Warm Stones are available during the months of October through April. They are not available from May through September.

Add a Paraffin treatment: Soothe your hands in a warmed paraffin wax to condition your skin, nails and cuticles. This treatment also increases circulation, improves skin color and eases stiffness and discomfort of joints.

Hands or Feet $14, Both $25

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Restoration Facial

Restoration Facial: Tailored to your unique skin care needs, smooth, soft and supple skin will be clearly visible after this treatment. Experience the unique cleansing system developed to gently and effectively cleanse while leaving your skin hydrated and balanced. The regenerative difference that natural botanicals can make will leave you with radiant, luminous skin.

Monday through Friday: 60 min $90 | 75 min $105

Saturday and Sunday: 60 min $100 | 75 min $115

This facial in Philadelphia includes:

  • Customized skin analysis: We start by identifying your skin type (dry, oily, or combination) and also address the skin’s condition (acne, mature, sensitive, or hyperpigmentation).
  • Deep cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté: Cleansing oils are applied to these same areas, then an herbal toner is applied over the oils to customize the cleansing process.
  • Exfoliation: A peeling cream mask is applied and requires gentle friction to lift dead skin cells. Or, an enzyme mask could be applied instead, and it peels without manipulation
  • Steam: Warm vapor positioned towards your face (and about 16 inches away) will soften pores preparing them for extractions. A relaxing essential oil is applied to the neck and shoulder area.
  • Extractions as needed: Following the emptying of dirt and debris from the pores, a natural astringent solution is applied over these areas.
  • Warm towels: We remove skin products with cloth diapers that are dampened and warmed in a towel steamer cabinet. They are softer than thick terry cloth towels being pressed or dragged on the face.
  • Massage: Includes energizing techniques for face, upper body, hand and arm. An essential oil blend that complements your skin type and a skin revitalizing massage cream will bind moisture and increase elasticity.
  • Treatment mask: A generous application of the finishing mask is applied.
  • Hydration: A special vitamin C serum, followed by the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type, an eye and lip treatment and sun block will seal and protect.

mens facial

Men's Facial

Men's Restoration Facial: A healthy treat for the busy man, this treatment focuses on softening and rehydrating skin damaged by shaving, sun exposure, and the urban environment.

Monday through Friday: $90 | $105

Saturday and Sunday: $100 | $115