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Massages are 60 min $100 | 75 min $115 | 90 min $140


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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses a series of elongated, continuous strokes, along with kneading and cupping motions. This type of massage is meant to relax and soothe. The pressure is moderate or medium in terms of how deep your therapist will work the muscles. Clients who prefer a medium to light touch in massage, generally schedule a Swedish massage.

Massage are 60 min $100 | 75 min $115 | 90 min $140

CBD Wellness Massage

Experience natural relief from anxiety, stress, inflammation and muscle tension. The calming, soothing effects of CBD muscle recovery lotion work in unison with Swedish massage techniques to restore natural movement, eliminate chronic pain, and improve your state of mind. Its aromatic formulation of cannabidiol (CBD), hemp oil, menthol, spearmint, aloe, and pink grapefruit peel oil helps ease muscle, joint, and nerve pain and inflammation. 

Add CBD muscle recovery lotion to any massage for $20 extra per person

NOTE: If you are receiving a Prenatal massage, please speak with your doctor before receiving an add-on of CBD muscle recovery lotion to your massage.

 Body Cushion Massage

Deep Tissue, Sports, and Prenatal

Offshoots of Swedish massage:

Deep Tissue massage is best suited to those who are experienced spa-goers. If you are someone who needs a heavier hand in order to get any benefit out of a massage, you should request a therapist who is very strong. If you enjoy a strong touch, the therapist will use more intense pressure to work deeper into the connective tissue and break down adhesions beneath the skin. Think elbows and forearms used to disperse back tension and wake up tired limbs.

60 min $100 | 75 min $115 | 90 min $140

Sports massage is geared towards someone who is preparing for an athletic event, or recovering from a workout. This type of massage uses faster Swedish strokes meant to invigorate making it ideal 1) before or after an athletic event or exercise regimen, or 2) to treat a specific sore spot or injury. It helps with recovery time after, and aids in preparing the muscles before the event. Strokes may include wringing, squeezing and stretching of the muscles.

60 min $100 | 75 min $115 | 90 min $140

Prenatal massage is a traditional Swedish massage using side-lying techniques and lots of body pillows for support. While the entire body is massaged, special attention is given to the legs and lower back to promote circulation and ease discomfort. We also feature the bodyCushion, a specially designed pregnancy pillow that allows expecting mothers to lie safely and comfortably on their stomachs into the later stages of pregnancy. We employ the bodyCushion in all Prenatal massages at Body Restoration Spa.

60 min $100 | 75 min $115 

NOTE: we do not perform Prenatal massage in Philadelphia on clients who are in their first trimester. You must be in your second or third trimester to have a Prenatal massage at Body Restoration Spa.

NOTE: please specify if you would like to receive a Prenatal massage using the bodyCushion or if you prefer to have the massage in side-lying position.

Aroma Tuel


Aromatherapy massage is the application of pure essential oils that penetrates into the bloodstream and has therapeutic effects on the body. The essential oils can be added into any style of massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, etc.) and you will take a sensory journey before your session starts. By smelling each of the different blends, you can choose which aromatic blend appeals to you.

60 min $100 | 75 min $115 | 90 min $140

 Note: Aromatherapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

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