The Benefits of a Sports Massage

The Benefits of a Sports Massage

Playing a sport can be invigorating. It can also be exhausting. Even if you’re not injured, your body needs to recover from that level of exertion. That’s where a sports massage can help.

A proper sports massage can reduce muscle tension, help you monitor your muscle tone, promote relaxation, improve your performance and even prevent injuries.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a sports massage, both on the body and on the mind.


Physical benefits

A massage can stretch tissues that otherwise can’t be stretched. It can also help break down scar tissue—thus helping you avoid injury – and improve tissue elasticity.

In addition, massage causes the pores in tissue membranes to open, allowing nutrients to pass through. This helps get rid of waste products like lactic acids, and encourage your muscles to absorb the oxygen and nutrients that help them recover.

The tension and waste products in your muscles can cause pain, and massage can help relieve this pain by releasing endorphins into your body.

Mental benefits

All of these physical benefits help you relax and lower your anxiety levels. Nervous about running your first marathon? Kicking yourself because you think you should have played better? A massage can help wash those feelings away.

It can also help you feel invigorated before your next athletic event, putting you in a better frame of mind when it’s time to compete.

Whether you’re preparing for your next big race or recovering from your company softball tournament, Body Restoration Spa can help. Our sports massage uses faster Swedish massage strokes designed to invigorate you. It’s perfect whether you’re preparing for or have just finished an exercise regimen, or need to treat a specific injury or sore spot.

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