The Essential Steps for Pre and Post Waxing Care

The Essential Steps for Pre and Post Waxing Care

Spring is here and many of us are getting ready to unveil. That may mean Hair Removal for some. And it's waxing madness for the next several months at Body Restoration Spa!


Here are some pre-waxing tips to make your wax visit more comfortable:

  • If you've shaved the area, please let it grow for two weeks before getting waxed.
  • Arrive for your appointment well hydrated; drink plenty of water.
  • Apply the No Scream Cream to the area you would like waxed. We have the No Scream Cream in our retail hutch or online and it retails for $19.
  • Apply a thin layer to the area, 40 minutes before your appointment. Do not rub in all the way; leave a thin layer and allow it to absorb.
  • If your hair is long or it curls over, please trim the hair with scissors. Refrain from using an electric trimmer, it may make your hair too short to wax.

We use the gentlest formation of hard wax on the market. To begin, we offer you a prep wipe to clean up before your wax service. Box Naturals cleansing towelettes are a refreshing start to a flawless wax. They are available for purchase at $12 for a box of 12 towelettes online or up front in our retail hutch. As a post wax treatment, use the Post Wax Essential Oils at home! To combat ingrown hairs, use The Get The Bump Outta Here roll-on.

The wax is applied slightly thicker and when it dries, it is peeled away without strips. Get ready for the most manageable wax with minimal pain. Book an appointment with us today!