Benefits of Couples Massage Classes in Philadelphia

Benefits of Couples Massage Classes in Philadelphia

It’s certainly not news that one of the main benefits of a properly executed, professional massage is that it simply makes us feel good. But did you know that massage also comes with a wide range of positive health benefits?

It’s true. In fact, according to no less an authority than the Mayo Clinic, various studies have shown massage to be beneficial for sufferers of everything from anxiety and headaches to digestive disorders. Massage has also been shown to help with stress-related insomnia, certain digestive disorders, and even myofascial pain syndrome.


The Difference a Couples Massage Can Make

But in this article, we’d like to look specifically at the benefits of couples massage. Naturally, a couples massage class in Philadelphia, for instance, will offer essentially the same health benefits you’d experience if you were getting a massage all by yourself. But there are also a number of additional benefits that can be gained from a couples’ massage.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of those additional benefits revolve around stress relief and emotional connection. Yet some of the other benefits you and your partner may experience during and after a couples’ massage session may surprise you.

Getting Rid of Stress Hormones

It’s probably a pretty safe bet to assume that nearly anyone coming in for their first couples massage class in Philadelphia will be a bit nervous. A little stressed, even. And because many of the partners who come in for a couples’ massage are doing so in an effort to reduce the stress and negativity in their relationships, their nervous systems can be shaky to say the least.

A couples massage, however, is a distinctly mindful activity, especially if it’s not something you do on a regular basis. As is the goal with meditation, you’ll probably notice that your mind is focusing on nothing but the task at hand: giving your partner the gift of a loving and relaxing experience. When you add to that singular mindfulness the act of physically touching your partner in a very deliberate way, there’s a good chance that the release of your stress hormones will be significantly decreased.

An overabundance of stress hormones, by the way, can very easily lead to physical pain in the body. It’s entirely possible, in other words, that a couples massage will relieve pain even in parts of your body—or your partner’s body—that don’t even get touched during the massage.

Increasing Your Feelings of Affection

There’s something unique that happens in the mind whenever humans are touched by other humans in a genuinely caring or loving way. Specifically, the naturally-occurring chemical known as oxytocin—also known as “the love hormone”—is released. That’s why a massage so often leads to lovemaking.

Studies have also shown that couples are rewarded with special but genuine sensations of partner bonding when they bring novelty into their relationships. And that makes perfect sense. Have you ever feel unusually close to someone you shared an adventure with?

You may be surprised to learn that it wasn’t necessarily the sense of adventure that brought you closer together, but the fact that you experienced something for the first time with that person. A couples’ massage can give you that same bonding sensation.

Taking Your Newly Gained Massage Skills into the Home

And while there’s nothing wrong with experiencing a couples’ massage in a spa or massage studio, we think there’s something uniquely special about being able to give your partner a proper massage in the privacy of your own bedroom. That’s why we offer couples massage classes in Philadelphia, during which you’ll learn how to treat your partner with the deceptively simple healing power of touch.

During our 75-minute Massage Class for Couples, you’ll learn about compression strokes, pressure point work, and even the proper use of massage oils and lotions. By the time the class is over, you’ll both be prepared to treat each other to your favorite newly-discovered aspects of massage at any time, whenever you’re home and in the mood to truly connect. Contact us to schedule your appointment, or to book a surprise appointment for you and your partner—as the holiday season approaches, bear in mind that a couples’ massage makes for a fantastic gift.

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