CBD Massage: Four Calming Benefits

CBD Massage: Four Calming Benefits

Within the past few years, CBD’s popularity has exploded with an overwhelming range of CBD-related products. No matter where you go, you’re likely to hear about CBD and its uses. CBD is now in massage oils, body lotions, tinctures, and even gummies at grocery stores.

However, many of us don’t know what CBD is, how it’s made, how it works, or even the potential benefits of using it during a massage. Keep reading to understand more about it and learn about the surprising benefits of utilizing CBD in your wellness massages.


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What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis Sativa L or hemp plant. It doesn’t have the psychoactive component known as THC found in the marijuana plant. This means you won’t experience a “high” effect when using a CBD product.

Cannabidiol provides an array of potential health benefits, making it a perfect ingredient of massage oil and cream. So, with that said, a CBD massage simply refers to a regular massage performed using CBD-infused creams and oils.

Potential Benefits of CBD Wellness Massage

CBD has been scrutinized in multiple scientific trials, and evidence supports its effectiveness when included in a massage. Here are the potential benefits you can expect from incorporating CBD into your massage regimen:

Relieve Chronic Pain

CBD massage is an excellent choice if you suffer from chronic pain since CBD can be utilized for pain management. CBD oil contains some components that help to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation from painful muscles and joints.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis, or other physical pain, you can reap the benefits of a CBD wellness massage. You can start to experience the impact within minutes, and the effect can last hours afterward.

Improve Skin Conditions

CBD is an excellent skin moisturizer. CBD-infused massage oils or creams contain hemp, which conditions the skin during and after the massage, making it soft and supple. This makes your skin feel better and relaxed after the massage and, in addition, helps with a range of skin conditions.

If you suffer from a skin condition such as acne, eczema, dry skin, or psoriasis, you can benefit from the use of CBD products in your massage. Additionally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for soothing skin and alleviating the pain caused by some skin conditions.

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Reduce Tension

One of the key reasons to get a massage is to alleviate strain on your body. CBD oils and lotions contain cannabinoids that help relieve tension from both the mind and body. This happens when the cannabinoids enter your endocannabinoid system through the skin to help ease and relax the muscles.

Anxiety and Stress Alleviation

A CBD oil massage can be beneficial to anyone suffering from anxiety or stress. Studies support the effectiveness of CBD oil in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Massage is unquestionably the most effective way to use CBD when it comes to stress and anxiety alleviation.

CBD induces a calming and soothing effect during massage without getting you high. A regular massage will help reduce stress, and when paired with CBD oil, the result is perfect. It’ll elevate your experience, relax your entire body, and give your mood a massive boost. The impact can last for hours, helping you keep calm and ease your mental struggles.

Bottom Line

A CBD massage is a great way to get a fantastic experience and help reduce pain, anxiety, skin problems, and even boost your mood massively. The best way to know how beneficial it can be is by getting one soon. Schedule a CBD Wellness Massage with Body Restoration today!