Philadelphia Bikini Wax Tips for Summer

Philadelphia Bikini Wax Tips for Summer

Summer is in full swing, and that means weekends by the pool and days at the beach.

It also means you may be asking yourself “Is it time to for a Philadelphia bikini wax?” If so, Body Restoration wants to help. The website Bustle offers these summer waxing tips.


  1. Waxing isn’t a one-time thing. “The repetition of the act keeps the hair follicles from rooting in, so each time you wax, there is less hair and the discomfort is not as severe,” writes Bustle’s Annie Crawford.
  2. Like any good service, it costs. She recommends scheduling a spa visit every four to six weeks, and starting waxing fund to pay for it.
  3. Crawford follows the same guidelines we do: your hair should be ¼ to ½ inch long before you get waxed. If it’s shorter, you won’t see results.
  4. Before your treatment, be sure to exfoliate with a loofah and a natural scrub. It will remove the top layer of skin and loosen your hairs, making their removal much easier.
  5. Be gentle when it’s done. You may want to apply a cold compress – or a pack of frozen peas — to soothe pain and prevent swelling.
  6. Once two or three days have passed since your treatment, begin to gently exfoliate. The key word here is gently: “Soft and tender like you’d pet a baby bird,” Crawford says.
  7. Leave your ingrown hairs alone. It may be tempting, but squeezing or tweezing them makes them prone to infection. Instead look for skincare products that can prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.


If you’re ready for your bikini wax, contact Body Restoration. Waxing is just one of many services we offer at our Center City Philadelphia spa. And when we wax you, we use the “Cadillac” of waxes on the market, making sure your experience will be pleasant and comfortable.

Maybe not “relaxing on the beach with a cold drink” pleasant, but pleasant all the same.