Start Spring With a Massage

Spring has sprung, but have you?

The weather may be warmer, but your body may still be in winter hibernation mode. If you’re ready for outdoor activities, you may want to consider a massage at our spa in Philadelphia before you resume exercising.

Here are a few ways getting massages can help you with your springtime workout routine.


  1. It will relieve pain

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You exercise muscles that have spent all winter on the couch. The next day, you feel like you were hit by a stampede. A massage can help alleviate that soreness.

  1. It improves circulation

A massage keeps your circulatory system in good working order, delivering all-important oxygen to your body to help fuel a vigorous workout.

  1. You’ll be more flexible

A few months without exercise can leave you a little stiff. A therapeutic massage can help relax your muscles. After a few regular massages, you’ll start to notice more flexibility.

  1. You’ll recover faster

When you have a massage done on a regular basis, your muscle performance will improve and your body will be able to recover from workouts more quickly.

  1. You’ll have less stress and a sharper mind

When you’re stressed, it takes a lot out of you. You may not want to exercise. A massage from our spa in Philadelphia can reduce your stress levels, making sure you’ll have the motivation to get back to your exercise regimen.

  1. You’ll reduce your risk of injury

This connects to our last few points: When you combine your added mental sharpness, increased flexibility and improved recovery time, you’re at less risk for injury when you exercise.

Are you ready to start spring with a massage? Talk to Body Restoration. We offer massage therapy, facials and other skin treatments in our oasis-like spa in Philadelphia. Contact us today and we’ll help you put a spring back in your step this spring.