Treat Your Skin With A Facial This Winter Season

Treat Your Skin With A Facial This Winter Season

A facial can soften and hydrate, replenish and protect against the Winter weather. It’s not uncommon to feel lips chapping or wind burn on the face during these colder months. But with a creamy cleanser, light exfoliation, and a heavier moisturizer, your skin can be conditioned to withstand the cold, dry air felt all through Winter.

First we would have you complete the Skin Care Client Profile and look at questions like how much water you drink a day. We would ask about dryness, flakiness and tightness felt on your skin. We ask how much caffeine you have each day as caffeine can dehydrate the skin.

Then we would select the products based on your skin type. This is determined by what time of day you notice an oily shine coming out on your skin, if at all.


We would cleanse and bring over the steamer which sends warm vapor to your face, neck and decollete. Then we would use a cleansing oil and an herbal toner based on your skin type. Would could exfoliate using an enzyme peel or a facial scrub. Then extractions would happen where we wiggle out what’s left in the pores if it is needed. The products do a lot of the work so squeezing debris from the pores may be limited at this point.

Massaging the face, neck and decollete happens with essential oils, a serum and massage cream. A generous coating of a treatment mask follows. While the mask is on, we massage the hands and arms.

We finish the facial with the appropriate serum, moisturizer, lip and eye treatment and an SPF.

It’s important to continue sealing and protecting your skin with hydration during the Winter season. It will keep your skin soft and moisturized and combat against dry, flaky skin and fine lines.