Why A Spa is Better Than Any Home Care

Why A Spa is Better Than Any Home Care

Many people think going to the spa is a superficial luxury. They think that pricey treatments aren’t worth their value. They think going to a spa isn’t worth the money. But the spa isn’t just some place to get groomed and receive superficial cosmetic treatments. There are certainly treatments for beauty, but spas have incredible benefits for your physical and mental well being including detoxification, stress management, increased confidence, anti-aging, pain alleviation and improved circulation. Professional spa treatments improve your mood. Budgeting regular spa treatments a valuable way to improve your health and wellness routine.


Home Spa Kits Vs. Professional Facial

Home spa kits have recently become quite popular. These kits include things like creams, body scrubs and eye masks. But unfortunately many of the benefits of spa treatments require the expertise of a professional. A homemade facial treatment, for example, may be cheap and easy to make, but rarely creates a visible difference. Creating a mask at home from bananas and oatmeal does not compare to a personalized facial. In fact, the products found in your home spa kit may irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Professional aestheticians have years of experience and an arsenal of products at their disposal. Each treatment is customized to your skin type and stress level. Their knowledge and education will help guide your needs, whether you want to reverse aging or end a breakout. They may also recommend a new skin regimen or product that will yield long-lasting results.

Professional aestheticians also have access to tools that aren’t found at home, like steamers to help open your pores. This allows aestheticians to extract blackheads without scarring. Their medical grade equipment and products ensures you’ll leave the spa with radiant skin.

Massage Therapy For Mind and Body

One of the most beneficial treatments for your health is a massage. Aside from helping you unwind and relax, massage therapy effectively treats pain and muscle tension, and is popularly used for stress management. Professional masseuses have been educated on aromatherapy and can tailor scented oils during your experience for maximum relaxation.

Most spas offer a variety of massages to suit your needs. There are even specialty massages that focus on pregnant women and athletes. Deep tissue massages work on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. These massages are effective for alleviating chronic shoulder, lower back or neck pain. Or get a traditional Swedish massage, known for long strokes to calm the nervous system and improve blood circulation. A professional massage therapist can undo the knots your carry from stress and relieve sore muscles from sports or exercise. Regular bodywork can even improve your posture, help heal injuries and even prevent headaches and migraines! Unfortunately, no spa kit can provide the same benefits as a professional masseuse. Massage benefits increase over time; the therapeutic effects are cumulative, so the more you go, the better you’ll feel. Consider budgeting massages to become a regular part of wellness regimen.

Spa kits usually include some tools for home waxing. This can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience. Many home waxing treatments create skin rashes and reactions or lead to in-grown hairs. Only with a professional spa waxing treatment are you guaranteed safe hair removal. Eyebrow waxing at a spa will include professional shaping. It’s easy to make mistakes home waxing that could damage your skin. Plus home waxing is less effective and requires more frequent hair removal. Don’t risk bleeding and scarring, a professional wax will safely remove unwanted hair.

Spas over a variety of lovely treatments and unlike a spa kit, they have a relaxing ambiance. Traditional spas play soothing music, provide dimly lit private rooms and offer light refreshments. There’s no clean up or set up. To truly relax and unwind, a professional spa will provide you with the right atmosphere and expert staff to make your luxury experience worth the value. Treat your body, heal your mind and try the experience of a real spa.