Why We Don’t “Double Dip” During Waxing

Why We Don’t “Double Dip” During Waxing

As anyone who’s watched Seinfeld can tell you, double-dipping is bad etiquette.

It’s true at a social gathering, and it’s true when you’re getting a bikini wax.

If you’re searching for a bargain-priced Brazilian bikini wax, keep in mind that a place can’t possibly have hundreds of sticks at their disposal. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to make enough money to stay open.

The waxing at Body Restoration spa is priced accordingly so that you always have a clean and efficient waxing experience. We never double-dip our wax sticks, so the wax itself is never compromised. You’ll never receive a wax where the wax has been double-dipped with the same stick after touching someone’s skin and hair.


So why is this important? The Irish beauty/fashion magazine Stellar looked into the issue last year, arguing the practice was unsanitary.

As one salon owner put it, if you repeatedly apply wax to the body and redip, you’re putting “remnants and secretions” back into the wax pot. And although it might seem like hot wax would kill bacteria, it can actually make it easier for them to cultivate.

At Body Restoration, we believe that every client is entitled to a germ-free experience when we’re removing hair from tender places. It’s part of our code of ethics, which says clients have a right to clean, safe and comfortable environment.

We use blue wax, a hard wax, for the face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian bikini treatments. This wax is applied thicker, dries and is peeled away without strips. It is gentle but strong, and perfect for tender areas that may have stronger, coarser hair. Body Restoration is the only waxing center in Philadelphia to focus on blue wax hair removal.

Contact us today to learn more about our waxing services. No matter what you choose, we promise not to double dip.