Sinus Relief and Five Other Health Benefits of Getting a Facial

Sinus Relief and Five Other Health Benefits of Getting a Facial

When you picture yourself getting a facial, you might think of it as simply a luxury. Something indulgent, a treat for yourself when you have some extra spending money.

But there’s a practical side to getting a facial as well. It’s not simply about looking better but feeling better. Here are six health benefits you can realize from getting a facial.


1. It relieves stress

Think about how much stress you feel in a given day, and how tense your face can feel after several hours of furrowed brows. By stimulating the pressure points in your face during a massage, you can relieve that stress and muscle tension.

2. It’s a natural form of headache relief

All that daily stress can manifest as headaches. And while having a bottle of aspirin on hand can help, getting a facial massage can reduce headaches, whether it’s a tension headache, cluster headache or migraine. Better still, a regular massage will cut down on the frequency of your headaches.

3. It improves circulation

The world can take a toll on our skin. A whole host of external factors, including pollution and lack of sleep, can clog our pores and reduce circulation. With a facial massage, you can stimulate the lymph nodes below the surface of the skin, flush out fluids and boost the flow of oxygenated blood and nutrients to your skin.

4. It can cut back on acne

There are fewer things more annoying than waking up to a new pimple. But a facial massage can help fight acne and other skin conditions. Again, it increases circulation, which fuels your body’s natural healing process and helps rid your skin of the toxins that trigger breakouts.

5. It helps sinus issues

Do you regularly suffer from congestion or sinus issues? A facial massage might be just for you. By gently rubbing your face, the combination of pressure, warmth and movement can help break down mucus build-up and help your sinuses drain.

6. It prevents wrinkles and promotes smooth skin

We often associate wrinkles as a sign of aging, but they’re also a sign of stress, formed from frequent tightening of the muscles in our face.

As we said earlier, a facial massage can help reduce the effects of stress, and with that comes a reduction in wrinkles. A massage relaxes tight facial muscles, minimizing the lines and wrinkles. Combining a facial massage with moisturizers can increase the chances of reducing wrinkles even more.

A massage can also help maintain skin elasticity, protecting your skin against free radicals. You’ll have a smooth, glowing appearance and avoid sagging and wrinkles.

Facials are meant to clean and revitalize the skin. At Body Restoration, we recommend a facial once per season. Our facial therapy involves:

  • A custom deep cleansing with a cleanser, cleaning oil specially designed for your skin type and an herbal toner
  • Steaming to open and cleanse your pores
  • Pressure point face massage to release tension and free congestion

If you would like to learn more, contact Body Restoration. Our team will be happy to work with you to find a skin care regime that leaves you looking and feeling better.