Why a Couple’s Massage Makes a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Why a Couple’s Massage Makes a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’re not sure what to get. You could go the traditional flowers/candy/jewelry/cologne route, but that’s been done before.

This year, why not give a gift that’s something you can both enjoy? We’re talking about the couple’s massage. Philadelphia residents who feel stuck on what to get this February 14 can read on to discover the benefits of scheduling a massage for you and your partner.


It will relieve stress

Like a lot of people, you deal with stress. Stress from work. From your family. From your relationship. Who knows, you might even feel stressed by the idea of your first couple’s massage. Philadelphia is filled with people just like you.

But don’t worry. A massage is designed to make you – and your partner – feel less stressed. Maybe it’s just the fact that you can relax for an hour or so, or the hands-on (quite literally) attention or a mix of the two. Either way, you and your SO will leave feeling much more relaxed.

You can live in the present

Work. Kids. The House. Money. Your relationship. There are lots of things in every couple’s life that keeps them tethered in the past or worrying about the future.

But with a massage, you and your partner will be able to stop and focus on the here and now. Even when you’re done with the massage, you’ll be able to appreciate living in the present, with your partner.

You’ll get time away together

When you first got together, the idea of a weekend away by yourselves didn’t seem so far-fetched. But after a while, life got in the way.

We can’t tell you that a Philadelphia couple’s massage is the same as a weekend at a ski cabin or at the shore, but it is a little getaway that can leave you and your partner feeling refreshed.

A couple’s massage will improve your chemistry

We don’t mean the “chemistry” that all good couples have. A massage releases a chemical known as oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” It unleashes feelings of love and trust and can help strengthen your bond with your significant other.

It’s a new experience

Maybe you’re a fan of massage. Maybe your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend gets a massage each month and raves about them. With a couple’s massage, Philadelphia couples can share this new experience together.

It relieves pain and improves flexibility

People who deal with chronic pain have turned to massage to relieve their aches. A massage can ease things like arthritic pain or help you recover from an injury.

A massage also opens your blood vessels, providing more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and repels toxins. It also lets you get the most out of your workouts and helps prevent sports injuries.

All this adds up to you and your significant other living longer and healthier lives. And that’s a gift for both of you.

Thinking about celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a couples massage? Philadelphia’s Body Restoration is here to help.

Our couples massage options include Swedish, sports, aromatherapy and deep tissue massages at 60, 75 or 90-minute sessions. Contact us today to learn more about our couples massage packages. We look forward to helping you and your significant other feel relaxed and restored.